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Keep Cup Los Ángeles - S

Keep Cup Los Ángeles - S

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You wake up in the morning and then all day long you are rushing here and there, getting stuck in traffic jams, squashed by the subway crowds, and racing to get everywhere on time. But all that is easier for you because you always have a dose of your favorite drink with you in your Keep Cup. Beautifully colored with a design that will make everyone around you envious.

Designed so you can drink your favorite drink on the go, Keep Cups are made to keep up with you. Enjoy your coffee, tea, soda or smoothie in the size you like best (we have three different ones, S, M and L) and unique style with these reusable cups you can fill a thousand and one times and make it a better, less polluted world.

Join the reuse revolution.

- Light and unbreakable.
- Large drinking hole to appreciate the aroma and texture of your drink.
- Lid and cup made of 100% recyclable BPA/BPS-free polypropylene.
- Improved lid and stopper for a more secure seal.
- Silicon band to avoid getting burned by hot drinks.

Capacity: 227ml