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iPhone 6/7/8 case - The Powerful Collection

iPhone 6/7/8 case - The Powerful Collection
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It's not that you're clumsy, it's just that trying to control so much energy, charm and charisma whilst maintaining poise is no mean feat. But, even though it's cool to be multipurpose, there are times in which the fright of seeing your mobile go tumbling towards the floor isn't worth it. But those days are firmly behind us! This fantastic phone case has been especially designed to protect your iPhone from all cuts and scrapes. Despite the fact that this isn't its only function, with its "Love yourselfie" message, this phone case wants you to remember every day that you're awesome and how much you deserve to love yourself because of that.
Ah, and love those selfies that you still need to take (you know, the ones in which you end up looking amazing without a filter.) On top of that, think of the crackign team your phone and its case are set to make. Put them together and let nobody separate them. There they'll be, inseparable and ready for action. Prepared to follow your rhythm through all the adventures and the crazy happenings of your life. From now on, you will be able to take life by the horns without having to worry so much about your precious phone that, with this case, is going to be protected and as snug as a bug in a rug.

Size: 7.2 x 14.5 x 1 cm
Case for iPhone X or XS, with message in English. Made of TPU.