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iPhone 6/7/8/ case Maneki-neko - Lucky Collection

iPhone 6/7/8/ case Maneki-neko - Lucky Collection
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Ring, rinnngg... who could that be? Oh probably just this adorable lucky cat that is dying to become your favourite phone accessory and protect your most precious possession: your iPhone. Our Maneki-neko cat-shaped phone case is practical and original like no other, and it also helps you show off what fantastic taste you have. It's made of soft-touch silicone which means it fits iPhones 6, 7 and 8 like a glove and protects them from scrapes, scratches and whatever else could happen as you cart it around the world on your adventures.
Plus, the fact that it's inspired by the ever-famous lucky Japanese cat and that it's pink makes it a product that is going to steal hearts left and right. If you're looking for a gift idea for a special person in your life: your friend, family member or colleague, then this is perfect because not only is it a handy gift that they will get lots of use out of, but it will also bring them good luck. And that is a unique and wonderful way to show someone you care about them.
Not only that, but it makes a great gift to buy for yourself, when you feel like you need a good luck top-up.

iPhone case compatible with iPhone 6/7/8, in the shape of a lucky cat.

Keep away from high temperatures and extreme weather conditions.