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Ipanema flip flops - Pink Ice Cream

Ipanema flip flops - Pink Ice Cream

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What on Earth is that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is the summer that is lurking right around the corner. It is as eager to arrive as you are anxious waiting for it to arrive. Because you love spending your days lounging in the sun, taking a dip in the sea and in the pool, having a refreshing juice on the terrace with your friends and jumping from party to party and from festival to festival. And so that you can carry out the thousand and one plans you have for the best season of the year, you have to make sure that you always have the right accessories with you. Let’s make a list here, to help you: some good sunglasses, a hat or cap to protect your head from the heat and, of course, comfortable shoes so that nothing stops you. We suggest that you use this new pair of beach flip flops for adults from Mr. Wonderful x Ipanema. The first reason why you should choose them as your number one summer accessory is because they are to die for, and also because they are fresh, lightweight and very comfortable so that you can always walk around going ""flip, flop, flip, flop"".

Available from size 37 to size 41-42

37: 23,50 x 9 x 5 cm
38: 24,50 x 9,30 x 5,30 cm
39: 25,50 x 9,60 x 5,50 cm
40: 26,50 x 9,90 x 6,40 cm
41-42: 27,50 x 10,20 x 5,40 cm