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Ipanema flip flops - Mint Sea

Ipanema flip flops - Mint Sea

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With summer right around the corner, and all the exciting parts of preparing for it (which could honestly be a full-time job, it seems) such as choosing outfits and swimwear, stocking up on sun protection, planning trips and getaways with friends, family and loved ones, it's easy to get slightly overwhelmed and possibly forget something. For once we've not talking about chargers and cables... we're talking about those accessories that are actually essential but only seem so once you look inside your suitcase and realised you've forgotten to bring them. Flip flops. Your feet's best friends for when you're walking around the pool, exploring the resort, stepping into the showers in the hostel, quickly nipping to the corner shop for some cold drinks or tip-toeing out of that "treat yoself" massage you decided you had to have (we've all been there, don't worry). These Ipanema x Mr. Wonderful flip flops for adults are just the kinds of flip flops you wouldn't dream of leaving behind because their adorable design won't be far from your mind. With their adorable message in Spanish: "vaya, vaya, qué bien se está en la playa" you'll really want to live la vida loca wearing these babies on your jolly holiday.

Available from size 37 to size 40

37: 23,50 x 9 x 5 cm
38: 24,50 x 9,30 x 5,30 cm
39: 25,50 x 9,60 x 5,50 cm
40: 26,50 x 9,90 x 6,40 cm