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Ipanema flip-flops kids - Mint Sea

Ipanema flip-flops kids - Mint Sea

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Now let's think: what are the sounds that best characterise the summer? The sound of the waves crashing against the sand, the sound of a thousand and one theatrical dives in the pool, the sound of music festivals that start to pop up everywhere and, we cannot forget, the sound of flip flops making their ""flip, flop, flip, flop "" sound when people walk around the pool, to the beach, around the markets and all over. We love each of these wonderful sounds, because they make us think about the best time of the whole year. The sound that flip flops make, especially these new flip flops that we created in partnership with the famous brand Ipanema, to make each day of the summer even better is phenomenal. These children's flip flops will become the most beloved beach accessory of all the little boys and little girls in the land. Why's that? Because, in addition to being super comfortable and going with anything and everything, they include a print made up of delicious Wonder ice creams that will brighten anyone's day with their sweetness and their friendly faces.
They are an original and fun gift to offer for a birthday or to give as a gift or reward for some task accomplished or challenge overcome.

Available from size 25-26 to size 38

25-26: 15,50 x 7,60 x 4,70 cm
27-28: 17 x 7,90 x 4,80 cm
29-30: 18,50 x 8,20 x 4,80 cm
31-32: 20 x 8,50 x 5 cm
33-34: 21 x 8,90 x 4,80 cm
35-36: 22 x 9,20 x 5 cm
37: 23 x 9,50 x 5,20 cm
38: 24 x 9,80 x 5,40 cm