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Ipanema flip-flops - Sunset Lover

Ipanema flip-flops - Sunset Lover
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Crabs, starfish and palm trees put the cherry on top. On top of what? Well, the print of these new adult flip flops that Mr. Wonderful created in partnership with Ipanema, of course! What? Did you think that after the resounding success our flip flops had in the beach footwear category, we weren't we going to bring out these super fun products again? Of course we are! When we started designing our first Ipanema flip flops, we started to daydream, thinking about those long hot days that we love to enjoy until the last minute. Outdoor walks, picnics in the park, parties by the pool and days gone by by the sea are some of the thousand and one plans that we are already making so that we can make the most of this summer. And you can be sure that we will not forget to take with us our Summer Fan #1 flip flops, because in addition to being super cute, they are also super comfortable and lightweight, which means that we can always keep them close at hand, inside a backpack or tote bag to let our feet receive the pampering they deserve at any time of the day.

Indications :
Available from size 37 to size 41-42

Talla 37: 23,50 x 9 x 5 cm
Talla 38: 24,50 x 9,30 x 5,30 cm
Talla 39: 25,50 x 9,60 x 5,50 cm
Talla 40: 26,50 x 9,90 x 6,40 cm
Talla 41-42: 27,50 x 10,20 x 5,40 cm