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Injection Casual sunglasses – Tortoiseshell print

Injection Casual sunglasses – Tortoiseshell print
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You are in doubt as to whether today you got up on the right foot or on the left foot, but what is clear is that you have woken up looking as delectable as ever and you can’t avoid being noticed, because you give off as much charm as a wand waved by the fairy godmother. You are visualising yourself with these injection Mr. Wonderful sunglasses and you know that you are going to dazzle everyone at every step, with the casual style that will frame your look. What were your initial thoughts upon seeing them for the first time? The two-colour polarised lenses in brown and pink tones will ensure that, wherever you look, you will find the perfect setting to do something great: a picnic, a walk or a nice, original photo. This beautiful tortoiseshell tone frame will give you an air as fun as it is sophisticated at the same time. What’s that? You are going to set your alarm a little bit earlier so that your day starts earlier and you can start wearing them sooner? We believe you are capable of that madness and other greater acts. Come on, hurry up, the world is waiting to see you with a smile on your face wearing these glasses in all the places where you have already imagined.