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Injected sunglasses - Tortoiseshell + pink

Injected sunglasses - Tortoiseshell + pink

Protecting your eyes during particularly sunny periods should be as much of a responsibility as it is protecting your leftovers in the communal fridge at work, protecting your children or younger family members when they decide to launch themselves full-force into the ball pit, and protecting your sanity when you're sharing personal space with someone who has no qualms about spoiling the TV show they know you haven't finished watching yet. I.e. super duper important. A must, if you will. That's why Mr. Wonderful has come to the rescue by collaborating with the well-known eyewear brand OPTIM, to create a cute collection of adorable sunglasses, like these injected sunglasses with tortoiseshell and pink detailing. So, for people who are fans of the colour pink, these babies are for you. Designed to go with a vast array of outfits so that you can look like a true fashionista no matter where you're going or what you're wearing, these sunglasses are simply crying out to become the newest member of your accessory collection. So, do them the favour they deserve and take home your pair today, otherwise you're not going to have any sunglasses to hide your tears over missing out behind. Consider yourself warned!

Size: 52 x 18 x 140 mm

Glasses with polarized lenses with a degraded tone and with category 3 sunscreen. Includes soft glasses case and cleaning cloth.

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Injected sunglasses - Tortoiseshell + pink