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Injected sunglasses - Light blue + tortoiseshell

Injected sunglasses - Light blue + tortoiseshell

You know when you go to take a photo, you gather everyone together, you pose, the shutter shuts and the photo that you were planning to use to remind you of that amazing moment is taken. But oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. You're squinting. Your eyes are virtually shut so it looks like you accidentally drifted off to sleep with a massive smile on your face. Why oh why did the bright, midday sun have to be directly in front of you and behind the photographer when this moment was captured? Thankfully, we have a solution - our new range of sunglasses that we have created. We love accessories, as you know, but eyewear is great because it's practical and adorable at the same time, which is a winner, winner chicken dinner in our book. These bad boys will look great with any outfit, whether it's more on the formal side or a totally casual, comfortable get up that makes you feel relaxed and easy breezy. So dress up any look with these sunglasses and you're going to feel like a million dollars, plus, all of your photographs will come out looking like you were born to be a wide-eyed model.

Size: 50 x 21 x 140 mm

Glasses with polarized lenses with a degraded tone and with category 3 sunscreen. Includes soft glasses case and cleaning cloth.

Gafas de sol de inyección - Azul claro + Carey
Injected sunglasses - Light blue + tortoiseshell