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Holographic notepad - The Powerful Collection

Holographic notepad - The Powerful Collection
Do you want to be the first person to be notified?

When you want to leave a sweet message for someone, write down the date and time of your next hair appointment or remind yourself to "wish Nana a happy birthday without fail", it's always a good idea to have something on hand to write these things down on. Now, if that thing just so happens to be a stack of scratch-off holographic notecards, then I guess it's an even better idea! And, as if that weren't enough, the notecards are all individual but come neatly organised in a little cardboard drawer (which is also holographic because we're awesome like that) so you can keep everything in order and under control in the chaos that can occasionally become your workspace.
Composed of 150 sheets and a wooden stick to scratch whatever you want into them, with this marvellous writing set your notes and doodles will quite literally shine! All you have to do is use the stick to scratch away the black surface and your words will appear as if by magic in a fantastic holographic tint, enough to make a unicorn jealous. Gone are the days of leaving boring messages in a black biro: with these notecards even jotting down your next dental appointment will be delightful and fun. And shining suits you as much as it suits these notecards!

Set of 150 paper notes, tinted black with a holographic base colour. Includes a wooden stick to scratch into the black surface and reveal the message underneath.

Size: 9.6 x 8.2 x 12.5 cm