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Havana injected sunglasses - Tortoiseshell + pink

Havana injected sunglasses - Tortoiseshell + pink

When it comes to your most reached-for accessories, which ones would you consider your top five? Your purse, your favourite pair of earrings that you purchased with your very first paycheck, your hip new water bottle that keeps your drink nice and cool for up to 24 hours, your holdall bag that can literally fit everything including the kitchen sink inside, and what's that last one? Oh yeah, your sunglasses. Or at least it should be. After all, what outfit is complete without some snazzy eyewear to add the cherry on the top of a very nice sundae? We can't imagine these injected sunglasses with tortoiseshell and pink detailing that Mr. Wonderful has designed in collaboration with the eyewear brand OPTIM not being included in anybody's top 5 accessories list. They're practical, featuring great sun protection to keep your eyes nice and healthy, they're stylish, so we know they will elevate any regular old outfit into a chic and fashionable look, and they're adorable - a quality that is never lacking in any Mr. Wonderful product, let's be honest. So, make sure you include a pair in your collection this year, after all, you wouldn't want to miss out now would you?

Size: 54 x 18 x 140 mm

Glasses with polarized lenses with a degraded tone and with category 3 sunscreen. Includes soft glasses case and cleaning cloth.

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Havana injected sunglasses - Tortoiseshell + pink