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Hard drive sleeve - I need more space (ENG)

Hard drive sleeve - I need more space (ENG)

With so many photos of your trips and getaways, university files, half a lifetime of work documents, the music you love and a bunch of side-splitting videos, one day your hard drive will cry out, “Stop, in the name of loooove!” Your computer is bound to need more space so it does not suddenly give up the ghost and leave you staring at the screen in a cold sweat.
Portable hard drives are here to save the day (and your data). Since you have part of your life saved on it, you will not want your precious hard drive to break and delete all the information on it or lose your important documents anywhere.

So keep your portable hard drive and your data safe and sound in this cool sleeve. It is made of hard-wearing material and has a compartment with an elastic strip on one side, a mini-pocket on the other, and a zip so you do not lose a thing..

Hard drive size: 15.5 x 3.5 x 10 cm
Interior size: 13 x 8 cm

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Hard drive sleeve - I need more space (ENG)