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Glasses case - Happiness looks good on you (ENG)

Glasses case - Happiness looks good on you (ENG)
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This one is for you. For your infinite curiosity, your crazy desire to do new things, your puppy filter-free naturalness, your passion for the little details that make all the difference and a million other reasons. No blusher or lipstick, no matter how red it may be, can make you feel better than being so you from Monday to Sunday, with that smile always on your face and your eyes always looking to a happy future.

For that very reason, we have designed this imitation leather hard-shell glasses case: to remind you that everything depends on how you look at it and that it all looks better through beautiful eyes. Keep your favourite glasses safe and sound and always have them handy in this cool case resistant to knocks, shocks and bad vibes.

Size: 15.5 x 6.5 x 3.2 cm
- Imitation leather hard-shell glasses case with PU finish.
- Wash with a damp cloth.
- Do not expose to sunlight for lengthy periods as the colours could fade.
- Keep away from sharp objects.