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Glass markers Mr. Wonderful x Balvi

Glass markers Mr. Wonderful x Balvi

Finding a needle in a haystack is very easy if we compare it to finding our glass at a party. You know that’s the truth! So that you can enjoy the evening to the fullest and not have to connect the dots like Sherlock Holmes to find your drink again, we have designed this Mr. Wonderful x Balvi set of drinks markers. In addition to being very practical, these silicone glass markers have fruit-shaped designs (grape, pineapple, orange, tangerine, watermelon, coconut, strawberry and avocado), which will add a decorative touch to your celebrations, dinners, cocktail parties... the works. Basically, to whatever intensive days of enjoyment are on the horizon. Don’t stop the party!
This set of drinks markers with an original design is part of the collection that we have created together with the brand Balvi. We have used our creativity to the full to bring party, table and kitchen supplies to life with Mr. Wonderful designs that you will love. Among others, you will find a set of reusable straws, cute coasters, fun bottle openers or a snack bowl in the shape of a Wonder avocado. Stock up with your favourites, create a guest list and... let's enjoyyyy!

- Set of drinks glass markers by Mr Wonderful x Balvi.
- Composed of 8 pieces shaped like different fruits.
- Made of silicone.

Marcadores de copas Mr. Wonderful x Balvi
Glass markers Mr. Wonderful x Balvi