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Open your own Wonderstore

Our Wonderstores are located in various spaces, where direct contact with our community allows us to work with the consumer experience as the central axis of the activity, communicating the brand in an immersive way. Thanks to the fun and optimistic spirit that is transmitted in our stores, we achieve a greater connection with the customer, detecting their needs day after day in order to respond to them.

We believe this is one of the strengths of the business: the ability of the public to empathize with our brand and its exclusive designs.

Our vision of the business stems from the originality of the project and merchandise, through to an end goal of profitability, using a simple management strategy for the operating units.

Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful, an innovative project created by a team made up of enthusiastic minds with a clear objective: to spread happiness and joy wherever our messages arrive

Since 2012, we have been working on the design of exclusive articles with motivating messages that have managed to connect with the public, thanks to the originality of the creations.


What do we ask of our franchisees?

  • Honesty and clarity during the training process and in business management.
  • Enthusiasm for being the owner of your own business, providing the time and dedication necessary for proper management.
  • Leadership ability to motivate your team.

Advantages for franchisees

  • The recognition of our brand nationally and internationally makes this a strong investment opportunity.
  • Exclusive designs of the brand.
  • Continuous innovation in both the business and product lines.
  • A Business adapted to market trends.
  • Ongoing training and advice from experts will help reduce risks and ensure maximum business success.
  • Availability of an exclusive area for each franchisee, in which no other Wonderstore establishment will be established during the entire duration of the franchise agreement.
  • Common marketing fund to carry out campaigns and promotions in favor of network establishments.
  • Exclusive management and operational control system for establishments.
  • Simplicity of management, with frequent and centralized supplies so that the franchisee does not have to worry about the frequency of supply.
  • A robust and well-proven management computer system that allows the franchisee to have highly segmented information.


To learn more about the conditions of the franchise, write to us at: jpardo@mrwonderful.com