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Ipanema flip flops - Mermaid Power

Ipanema flip flops - Mermaid Power
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There are accessories that are essential to making the summer run as smoothly as possible. Accessories such as sunglasses, a hat, a beautiful bathing suit and, of course, a good pair of flip flops to be able to walk here and there in style and so you’ll love to know that Mr. Wonderful has once again partnered with the brand Ipanema to create a new collection of cute, fun and absolutely irresistible slippers. For example, this model you see here is decorated with a super cute pattern of colourful jellyfish and a super summery message in Spanish "" Vamos a pasarlo la mar de bien "", which in English means "" We're going to have a whale of a time"". Its combination of blue and pink tones means that this beach accessory goes with a variety of outfits, so you can use them to go everywhere and have the most fun every day of the summer.
But we warn you now: if you've fallen in love with these adult flip flops from Mr. Wonderful at first sight, you can't wait to get them. Because when we launched our collection last year, the flip flops sold out in an instant. So hurry up and buy them before you end up without yours!

Available from size 35-36 to size 41-42

35-36: 22,50 x 8,70 x 4,70 cm
37: 23,50 x 9 x 5 cm
38: 24,50 x 9,30 x 5,30 cm
39: 25,50 x 9,60 x 5,50 cm
40: 26,50 x 9,90 x 6,40 cm
41-42: 27,50 x 10,20 x 5,40 cm