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Eraser - Don't worry! Just try again

Eraser - Don't worry! Just try again
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We know that of course there are many different types of erasers. Some are professional, some come in fun shapes and colours, some have flavoured smells ... And then there are Mr. Wonderful erasers: practical, beautiful and sooooooo original. Just look at this eraser here, do not tell me that it is not original. It is an eraser with an outer case that resembles a pen and when it wears down you just must "click" on top to make it new again, like magic. Boom! That easy. But since we know that those who write a lot can sometimes make small errors, we do not want you to be left without this amazing and practical rubber, and that is why we have included a replacement in the pack, so that when you run out you can start all over again. Good idea, right? Well that is not all. Because its beautiful design, classic style, and its English message "Don't worry, just try again" will make you smile every time you use it. And that is what it is all about, when you make a mistake ... you must try again!

- 2 x 11 x 2cm
- Ballpoint pen eraser, with replacement included and a positive message in English.