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Doudou Mr. Wonderful x Saro - Fantastic Dreams

Doudou Mr. Wonderful x Saro - Fantastic Dreams
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Do you know what a doudou is? Well panic not, because we're about to tell you! If you can't tell already, it comes from a French word and it refers to the first thing or object that a baby develops an emotional attachment to. So, it becomes the thing that helps them drift off to sleep, what they reach for when they need comforting... Ideally it's an object that baby can suck, nibble on or snuggle up with to make themselves comfortable and calm. Not only that, but it's recommended to make it smell like the mother so that baby can be consoled day or night, even when she's not there with them. So, here at Mr. Wonderful we have come together with Spanish expert baby brand Saro Baby, that has spent years and years creating products for our little ones. And that's how this unicorn-shaped doudou was born - it's super soft to the touch and it will become baby's best friend during its first months of life. Consider this the best sidekick for naptimes, cuddles and thankfully, it can withstand being dragged around the house and nibbled on by the star of the house and will still always come back for more with a smile.

- 20 x 24 x 4cm

- Clean with a damp cloth.