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Document holder with snap fastener - You are wonderful

Document holder with snap fastener - You are wonderful
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Is there anything better than having your wonder agenda as a companion for challenges, adventures and anything that comes up? Yes, there is! Keeping your wonder diary, the same as the first day, without scratches, spots or anything else. Do you like the sound of that? Well, what we bring you next you are going to love. A set of two diary covers, ideal so that your agenda is intact and just as special as the first day. And because of these two amazing covers that come as a set, you can run up and down, give it your all every day without worrying about it getting dirty, wrinkled or even scratched. The set contains two different covers both just as practical and beautiful. Each one is made of a different material, so you can count on a fabric cover and a plastic pocket. You can use them together, separately or in your own way ... you choose! Although if you want to fully protect your wonder diary, we recommend that you put it in its cloth diary case and then put it inside the plastic pocket. Trust us, it will look great, get started and get this set now!

Size: 30,5 x 24,5 x 0,2 cm