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Document holder - The Powerful Collection

Document holder - The Powerful Collection
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Can you hear that sound? No? How about now? Yeah, that's right. That's the echo of your bag calling out for you to fill it with this document holder and the case and notebook that come with it. A fantastic all-in-one for when inspiration strikes wherever you may be, and so that no receipt, ticket or important piece of paper gets lost in the dark recesses of your bag or backpack. A practical, comfortable and (obviously) pretty solution for those moments in which you need something to jot down your best ideas on.
It's a high-quality product that is also practical with a fantastic design, and each one of its details has been considered down to the last millimetre. It would make a perfect gift to surprise that wonderful friend you have who happens to be somewhat scatter-brained and is a touch forgetful, especially when it comes to certain things. We also don't see any reason why you couldn't treat yourself to a lovely gift like this every now and again... at least you wouldn't be disappointed by it! The perfect combination of practicality, serviceability and adorableness that we are sure is going to knock everybody's socks off wherever you take it.

PU document holder, with 90-page notebook and a PVC case.

Size: 20 x 14.5 x 3 cm