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DIY Gift Set - Magical Days

DIY Gift Set - Magical Days
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This gift kit doesn't need a wand to be truly magical. And if you don't believe us, you'll see the delight on the face of the person you give it to and then you'll understand what we're talking about. From the other side of the rainbow and the Andes, the Llama and XXX Collections have got a treat in store for everyone.

Choose your favourite Wonder product:
- A keyring
- A notebook or planner
- A pencil case, a washbag or a water bottle
- Your favorite pin

1. Choose your keyring

  • Plush keyring - Nothing is impossible
  • Plush keyring - Caticorn
  • Plush keyring - Pandicorn

2. Choose your favourite

  • Notebook - You are awesome (ENG)
  • Small notebook - Stay magical
  • Planner with stickers - Llama Collection

3. Choose your favourite

  • Three-part pencil case - I'm full of dreams
  • Toiletries bag - I look funtastic!
  • Pencil case - There's magic inside
  • Bottle - Llama Collection

4. Choose your pin

  • Balloon pin
  • Cactus pin

*5. Choose your sticker