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DIY gift set - Autumn

DIY gift set - Autumn
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Ahh, autumn…a time of hot soups, cosy jumpers and cinnamon on any and everything. Whether you're braving the colder weather with a warm, knitted scarf and a hot chocolate on your way to work or you're enjoying jumping on piles of crunchy, rust-coloured leaves like you did when you were little, there is something for everyone to love about the segue between summer and winter.
This DIY gift set is the perfect way to really make the most of this wonderful season: first you choose which umbrella you want to protect you from those autumnal showers that seem to strike out of nowhere, then choose a tote bag to keep all your bits and bobs safely in (we recommend ginger biscuits because it's autumn and they're amazing), and finally a take-away mug so you can always have a hot drink to warm yourself up as you go from place to place. Perfect!

Choose your favourite Wonder product:
- One umbrella
- One tote bag
- One take away mug

* Personalised kits are non-refundable. See here for more information.