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Cushion avocado with stone

Cushion avocado with stone
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If you consider yourself a fan of all things avocado-related… Welcome, this product was created with people like you in mind. People who go gaga for avocados in all their forms and yes, we recognise that it probably all began from your curiosity about what everyone else was raving about, but we also recognise that now you're hooked and can't imagine living without avocado toast in your life...
And all the people that know you and understand your passion for avocado will know that this unique, avocado-shaped cushion will look the bee's knees on your bed or sofa. Even though you might not be the one who's the avocado lover, you can still give these items as gifts to someone who is avo-crazy. Life is certainly grand with an avocado in hand.
This cushion in the shape of half an avocado with the stone inside is the partner of our other cushion without the stone, and so whether you put them together or not, they are going to look fantabulous. Not only that, but they are super soft to the touch, squishy and cuddly and made with high-quality materials, as is characteristic of Balvi. This cushion will certainly steal a piece of your heart!

41 x 39 x 17 cm