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Cover for small diary - Wonderful plans inside

Cover for small diary - Wonderful plans inside
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We have designed especially to go with our small-sized diaries, that will protect them from wear and tear and help them stay looking as beautiful as they were on day 1. Not only that, but you can use this cover to carry around other things such as notebooks, pens or whatever you need to have handy at home, at school or even at work. In a nutshell, this is somethign that you really can't afford to be without and that should take pride of place in your bag, backpack or book bag.
Yes, yes, we already know. A life with a bit of sparkle is a life worth living. And with a Mr. Wonderful diary nearby, even more so. So, that's why we've come back with a special something extra. If you're already as happy as a clam with your precious new diary, now you have the option of adding an adorable cover to it for a discounted price. A cover that will allow you to comfortably cart your diary around wherever you go. It's made from a resistant plastic that comes with a metal stud closure, an original message in English and a touch of glitter to help you sparkle more than you already do - even on rainy Mondays or first thing in the morning when it's still dark out.>/p>

Size: 23,1 x 16,5 cm