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Cover for small diary - Ready to do wonderful things

Cover for small diary - Ready to do wonderful things
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This model of cover is ideal for carrying around our small-size diaries and slotting nicely into your bag or backpack. Its simple metal stud closure and flexible material mean you can open and close it without thinking and pull it out at any time with no issues. Not only that, but itsgolden colour and message in English are the cherry on the cake that make it into a must-have. Plus, if you buy it together with a diary, you get it at a super discounted price! Our diaries are pretty much the celebrities in the Mr. Wonderful universe - a true product extraordinaire. But why is that? Well because they help you to squeeze the most joy out of your day and the road to success becomes much more fun when they're involved. And, of course, they are super cute thanks to their design, their added extras, all the surprises they contain and all the rest. They are indeed so special that they need to be taken care of accordingly: with TLC and lots of consideration... and a cover as fantastic as the one you see right here! Because with a cover like this, you will be able to keep your diary as good as the first day you got it, even after you've filled every page to the brim. Say goodbye to worrying about scratching it, spilling something on it or damaging the corners - you are safe in the knowledge that with a trusty cover like this one, you can carry your diary with you on all the adventures you decide to embark on and have it looking ship shape and shiny until the very end.

Size: 23,1 x 16,5 cm