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Cover for big diary - Wonderful plans inside

Cover for big diary - Wonderful plans inside
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The Mr. Wonderful diaries help us to remember tasks we have to do, appointments and meetings we have scheduled, and above all, they help us to better organise our time so that we can get all the things done that we wanted to, and in good time. They are those loyal companions that, once a bond is established, will be right there whenever you need them. So, for helping and giving us so much without expecting anything in return, these diaries deserve to be looked after and cared for by us, so that they can survive everything we put them through and come out looking as good as new. In order to achieve this, here at Mr. Wonderful we have designed an adorable and practical diary cover which allows us to transport our diaries both comfortably and safely. Plus, you can use it for notebooks, textbooks and other materials. This cover is made from resistant transparent plastic, in an eye-catching pink colour and it includes a metallic closure, an original message... and lots of glitter! Because it was designed to sparkle almost as much as you. And remember, if you buy it together with your diary, you get the cover at a discounted price. So go on, don't let it get away!

Size: 27,9 x 22,3 cm