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Cover for big diary - Ready to do wonderful things

Cover for big diary - Ready to do wonderful things
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The ideal cover to keep your diary looking as good as new. Made from golden coloured PVC, with a metal stud closure and a message that invites you to fill it with things that are as wonderful as you are. It holds large-sized diaries and other accessories such as notebooks, textbooks and all those other necessities that you need on a daily basis. If this cover happens to make eyes at you, don't resist... remember that when you purchase it together with a diary, you get it for a discounted price! A fantastic year is on the horizon! A year full of amazing plans, an extra helping of surprises, one or two adventures with a pinch or craziness thrown in, new friends, trips to be had and dreams to be achieved. You have 366 days to give it your all, succeed and fill your diary to the brim. So, always carry it with you and make the most of any moment to let your imagination run wild, note down everything that inspires you, draw a line through those tasks you've completed and jot down those improvised plans that you wouldn't miss for the world. And, so that you can keep up with your own rhythm, we've designed a cover that will help you comfortably carry around your diary no matter where you're going.

Size: 27,9 x 22,3 cm