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Cat gift set - Products with more than nine lives

Cat gift set - Products with more than nine lives

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There are two types of people when it comes to any situation: those who like Marmite and those who can’t stand it; those who believe that pineapple has absolutely no place on pizza and those who think they are a perfect match; those who are team Dog and those who are team Cat…
We find it hard to choose between the last two, but we’ve created a meowtastic gift set for the cat lovers to be able to shout out loud: “The love of a cat? You can’t beat that!” Because if nine lives seem too few for all the love you have for kitties, this cat-themed gift set is going to be a hit.

The Cat gift set contains these three super-cute products:
- Pack of pens with shapes
- Notebook - You are awesome
- Pencil case - There’s magic inside

If you’re wondering what you could get someone who is an ardent cat lover, whether it’s your best friend, your grandma (or even yourself, of course), you should know that this gift set is going to captivate whomever receives it and it’ll be love at first purr.