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Card holder phone - Heart

Card holder phone - Heart
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So this is something that needs to be addressed once and for all, so we’ll say it loud and clear, you are all heart! Because you are always ready to lend a hand to those around you, to share a smile even on a cloudy Monday and to give a compliment to that friend who may need it more than ever at that moment. Bravo! And so for that, we love you. And the best way we can think of to express it here at Mr. Wonderful is by doing what we do best. Yep! Creating and designing a very cool product full of good vibes, joy and lots of love. So, in this case we have come up with one of those accessories that always comes in handy to have nearby. We’re referring to this great adhesive card holder for your smartphone. A card holder that you can place on your mobile and that stays there thanks to the adhesive that it includes, so that you can keep your travel pass, your credit card, your ID, a love letter from your crush or anything else you want. Cool, right? In addition to that, it’s in the shape of a very cool heart, to remind you day in day out that you are amazing and that, wherever you go, people fall in love with you. Naturally!

Features :
- 6 x 9cm