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Card holder phone - Avocado

Card holder phone - Avocado
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Are you always forgetting your travel passes and other important documents? Come on, admit it, there’s no reason to be embarrassed... because it happens to us too! That’s why we have tightened up our creative bootstraps as best as we can here at Mr. Wonderful, and got stuck into designing the best accessory that will stop you rummaging around for your ticket, your money, your card or your ID twenty times a day. And here it is! It is nothing more and nothing less than a fantastic adhesive card holder for your smartphone. Yeaaaah! Because this card holder sticks to the back of your mobile phone and, therefore, you can put everything you need to always carry around with you inside. Of course, we wanted to give it that original and happy touch that characterises our brand and that is why it has the shape of one of our favourite foods, a Wonder character that has long since stolen the hearts of almost all of our fans ... Yes, it is the avocado. So now you know, with this adhesive card holder you will have a real two in one, because on the one hand you will have that space to store cards and other bits and pieces and, on top of that, you will have an accessory with that you can use to personalise and add good vibes to your mobile with. Yay!

Features :
- 6 x 9cm