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Candle – We shine brighter together

Candle – We shine brighter together

Some people truly believe that candles should be reserved for occasions when there's no light. So, our response to these people is "Where on earth is your imagination?!" There are a million and one wonderful ways of using a candle, such as when you want to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath of an evening to unwind and disconnect from everything that's causing you stress, with calm music playing in the background, a good book or your kindle in hand and a hot chocolate on the side... or even when you want to create a nice, romantic atmosphere in the company of that person that gives you butterflies in your stomach with just a quick glance. And who other than a couple who's just tied the knot desrves to enjoy a bit of romance in the air? It was with these particular people in mind that we designed this adorable vegetable wax candle that comes in a glass container decorated with a sweet message and includes a wooden lid to keep the smell lasting for longer. It's a cute decorative accessory for the home as much as it's practical for when you want to make the entire room smell amazing and really set the mood. All you have to do is light this Mr. Wonderful candle and in no time, you'll create an environment of warmth, love and comfort that nobody will ever want to move from. Spicy Love is the best kind of love.

6 x 9,5 x 8cm

- Candle made from vegetable wax in glass container with message for couples. Includes a wooden lid.
- Scent: Spicy Love
- Keep the candle lit for a minimum of 10 minutes (to release the scent) and a maximum of 2 hours (for safety.)
- Do not leave the candle lit without supervision.
- Keep out of reach of children and pets.
- Keep away from flammable objects.

Candle – We shine brighter together
Candle – We shine brighter together