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Candle - Life is full of wonderful things

Candle - Life is full of wonderful things
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When it's all going wrong, there's nothing better than a cheery phrase to show you how great you were doing all along. Even though sometimes all we can see are the little issues in our day to day lives, there's always a lesson, or another path to take to put a more positive spin on life and take on the world, it's all about perspective. For example, a weekend downpour could be a complete disaster or... a chance to cuddle up to your favourite person on the sofa, get food delivered, and binge watch your favourite series. That's not so bad now, is it? So, let's try to always look on the bright side of life. It doesn't really matter how far you get in life if you're not enjoying the journey or the views along the way. And since we know that everything is a thousand times better by candlelight, we've designed the perfect candle to look at all the good things in life through a positive light... and starting with yourself! Made with 100% vegetable wax and presented in a glass container with a wooden lid; this candle will shine as brightly as you do and you'll always be able to enjoy its sweet Fresh Vibes aroma. All you have to do is light it, relax, and take all the time you need to recharge your batteries so that you can leave the house with a huge smile on your face and take on the day.

- Do not leave the candle lit and unattended. - Keep out of the reach of children and pets and leave 10 cm between each candle. - Do not light near flammable objects.