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Box of paper clips – Heart

Box of paper clips – Heart
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With that talent that you have and those amazing ideas that you seem to come up with without stopping, you will surely create a lot of notes - all of them super important, full of things that you need to memorise, dreams that you need to turn into plans and solutions to problems (maths-related or otherwise). But since order is very important, and if there is something that we know a lot about here at Mr. Wonderful it’s organisation, you are going to need a lot of paper clips, because the order of things, sometimes, does alter the final result... and the result may be that in the end you don't even understand your own notes! So, because we know how important it is to you, we have created this beautiful PVC bottle with no more and no less than 150 paper clips inside. How’s that, now? Well wait, because there is still more. And, on top of all that, we have added the Wonder touch to this practical product. How? Very simple: we have incorporated into the lid of the bottle one of the most charismatic and beloved characters: our fun and sweet heart. So tell us, is this product a ten or not?

- 6,5 x 7,5 x 6,5cm
- Plastic jar with a sweet Mr. Wonderful heart on the life and 150 paper clips inside.