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Bottle - You are powerful (ENG)

Bottle - You are powerful (ENG)

From the moment the sun comes up you have a whole heap of plans for the day, this bottle will go everywhere with you and never let you run out of energy. Your superpower is being able to make the most of every second and the trick (or magic potion) you need is in this pretty bottle from our limited-edition Sunrise Collection. This water bottle is also reusable, has a 300 ml capacity, is made of stainless steel and is suitable for all kinds of drinks. It’s also perfect to take with you to class, the office or on your travels or adventures in the open air, such as day trips, picnics, etc. Don't leave your magic potion behind so you are always filled with magical power just when you need it!

Size: 18 x 6.5 cm
- Do not wash in a dishwasher.
- Do not heat in a microwave.
- Not a thermo container.
- Do not freeze.

Bottle - You are powerful
Bottle - You are powerful (ENG)