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Bottle You are doing great - I like myself

Bottle You are doing great - I like myself
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If you could give a "like" to anything you wanted to in the world, would you give one to yourself? Because yes, we know as much as the next person how good it feels to post something online, whether it's a photo, a video, a meaningful quote... and people (whether we know them personally or not) give them likes. But what feels even better is us being such fans of ourselves that we're always happy, always smiling, even winking at ourselves, bigging ourselves up and giving ourselves warm hugs. What? You've never tried to give yourself a hug? Well, it's time to crack on because until you've done it, you've never lived! And you know what else you need to try? Taking this bottle with you wherever you go, as if it were your best ally because it's certainly going to become one!With its motivational message "You're doing great", it's going to help you take a deep breath whenever you start to feel stressed and it's going to remind you that you are doing things beautifully, even when you're in the thick of it. That's why you shouldn't stop - carry on and jump head first into things with determination... and with this bottle in your hand so that you can always stay hydrated and with enough energy to conquer the world.

Capacity: 500ml.
24 x 6,5 cm

- Borosilicate glass and silicone BPA-free bottle.
- Handwash with warm water or place bottle in top shelf of dishwasher.
- Do not freeze.