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Bottle - When in doubt, move your butt

Bottle - When in doubt, move your butt
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One word: hydration. There’s nothing more important than keeping yourself properly hydrated while doing sport. You know the theory, we’re all clued up about it, buuut, there’s nothing wrong with being reminded about it from time to time. Because sip by sip we believe that you can go to infiiiinity and beyond. So, since now you’ve mustered up all your enthusiasm, the time has come for us to accompany you on your journey into fitness. That’s why we’ve also started stretching, sweating, and giving our all to offer you the most amazing gym accessories the world over; such as this incredible bottle that you can take with you to training sessions, trips out, and wherever else you want to take it. It’s light, reusable, and just as happy and upbeat as you are. It’s comfortable to hold, easy to close, and features a Mr. Wonderful phrase that we’re sure will help to make you want to get that lovely body of yours moving. And with this this bottle, we’re certain that getting all your energy together will be much easier than normal, and so, even when you’re right in the middle of a gym session, you’ll always be on top form. There’s no way you couldn’t be!

Capacity 750 cl.

- Do not freeze.
- Always store with the cap open.