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Bottle toucan - Tropical Vibes Collection

Bottle toucan - Tropical Vibes Collection
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The person you are trying to reach has their phone turned off, or is out on holiday. Try calling again when they get back. Beeeeeeeeep! Activate airplane mode, the battery-saving notification, and horizontal screen rotation to have a fantastic summer. Because we don’t want any drama when we’re on holiday. Now it's all non-stop laughter, improvised plans, food coma naps that last for more than an hour and moments of relaxation to make up (even if just a little) for all of the hustle and bustle you've put your hot bod through during the rest of the year. So take it easy, one sip at a time, because that’s what summer is all about.
To help you do so with a big smile and sweet style, we’ve created this stunning bottle that is part of our limited-edition, wildest and most Caribbean collection: the Tropical Vibes Collection. Made of stainless steel with a 350ml capacity, this bottle is a thermal container for taking your favourite drink anywhere, whether to your favourite beach, on your aimless wanderings or to your next holiday destination. The bottle has a summery design, a fun look and a message that says it all: tropical mode activated, please do not disturb. Now enjoy!