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Bottle - Today is the day

Bottle - Today is the day
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Some things pop up when you least expect them, like the "likes" from your ex. Huge traffic jams in the worst moment, last-minute emergencies that skew all of your plans, or even just a bit of a downpour when you leave the house. We can't control any of these things, but you can control how you take them on. With a smile, a great attitude, and a sip of your favourite drink of course. So, get out of the right side of the bed and take on the world with enthusiasm. Make all your dreams a reality and remember that today, and all the other days in the year, are your day. You can get that boost of motivation with a gift that will give everyone a lot to talk about during the next birthday, special occasion, celebration, or amazing surprise, there'll be smiles all round with the new “Today is the day” bottle. This bottle is the perfect size to accompany you wherever you go, all without taking up too much space or being too heavy. Its unisex design means that everyone will love it, from that friend you've got who just loves dark colours to your boyfriend who loves a modern, but understated accessory. A thermal stainless-steel bottle is a must-have!

Stainless steel bottle featuring a motivational Mr. Wonderful message and a lid with a handle. Capacity: 500 ml. Thermal recipient.

Not dishwasher safe. Do not freeze.