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Bottle - Ok, let's do this!

Bottle - Ok, let's do this!
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That New Year's resolution you've been putting off for months, that challenge you're scared to face or that project you'd be over the moon to start... Whatever it is, remember, you've got everything you need to achieve it. So, stop waiting for the perfect moment to come around because... when is there not a good day to take on the world? Put all the doubts you have and the "what ifs" into your box of things that don't matter anymore, look in the mirror, and repeat after us, "OK, let's do this!" And so you're never short of a bit of motivation, make sure you take this incredible stainless-steel bottle with you to keep you feeling great all day long. This bottle has an extra-large dose of enthusiasm and happiness and is the perfect size for you to carry about all day so you can always take your favourite drink with you. Be loved at all birthdays, celebrations, and surprises when you give this super original and practical gift. And thanks to its unisex design it'll be a sure winner, since all your friends, boyfriend, cousin and even your dad will like it. So, what are you waiting for, get yours now!

23,5 x 3,5 cm

Stainless steel bottle featuring a motivational Mr. Wonderful message and a lid with a handle Capacity: 500 ml. Thermal recipient.

Not dishwasher safe. Do not freeze.