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Bottle - I'm my biggest fan

Bottle - I'm my biggest fan
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Not an entire team of acrobatic cheerleaders, not the millions of fans of the Backstreet Boys, not even all the motherly love in the world: the person who knows you best and who can always make you smile is… you! Nothing more, nothing less. Only you know what really makes you happy deep down, your dreams and hidden talents. So, charge your batteries and get ready to give your all and to love yourself as much as you would love it to be summer already or to get a text from your new crush.
As your own greatest fan, one of your main responsibilities is to spoil yourself by drinking lots of water out of this original, fun and useful bottle. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it’s a double-walled thermal container with a 380 ml capacity. It comes with a handle on the cap to make it even more practical and easier to carry around, from home to class, from the office to the gym, or when hiking at the weekend. Take along an extra dose of energy, hydration and motivation so nothing can get in your way. Let’s go!

Do not wash in the dishwasher.
Do not freeze. Suitable for all types of drinks.
Always store with the cap open.