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Bottle - Do your best

Bottle - Do your best
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The best way of tackling challenges, the last few days before the holidays and endless meetings is by giving your all. With motivation, eagerness and plenty of energy you are capable of anything and if you also have your favourite drink with you to recharge your batteries, it will be better than ever. Because of that and because we know that the good things in life are there to be savoured sip by sip, we present our most modern, striking and powerful bottle.

Designed so you can give that friend, work colleague, relative or boyfriend of yours a treat, this stainless steel bottle is the perfect gift so that, once and for all, it is crystal clear that: they are the best! 500 ml capacity, a hermetic thermo bottle to carry your favourite drink around with you and enjoy it wherever you like without worrying about it getting warm.

- Size: 6.7 x 24 x 4.6 cm - 500 ml capacity stainless steel bottle. It is a thermo container.
- Do not wash in a dishwasher. Do not heat in a microwave. It is a thermo container.