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Beach towel - Yo en modo tropical

Beach towel - Yo en modo tropical
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So, should I wear my hair up in a bun or loose and flowing today? Would I rather enjoy a delicious salad for lunch or tuck into a sumptuous plate of pasta instead? Shall we go with one big go-all-out holiday a year or a series of smaller, more low-key ones every so often? You spend all day asking yourself questions, hopping between this, that and the other. And whether they're simple or more complex questions, it doesn't matter, you always seem to find yourself in a state of undecidedness!
Well, while you're in said state, why not make the most of the beautiful summer weather, the salty smell of the sea, the feeling of walking on soft, warm sand and that perfectly soft, 100% cotton towel that you use to lie on and top up your tan? Made in Portugal and complete with an adorable coconut and palm tree print, it also comes with a message in Spanish to make you go coco loco on the "playa" this summertime. So, it's time to don your favourite swimwear, your comfy summer sandals, your sunglasses, pack your towel in your beach bag and strut your stuff down at the beach.

Be warned: could provoke attention from passers-by who will want to know where you got such an adorable towel.

Size: 90 x 170 cm

Machine wash at maximum temperature of 40 ºC. Do not machine dry.