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Beach towel - Don't worry beach happy

Beach towel - Don't worry beach happy
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There are days in which things aren't exactly going well. Maybe you woke up with that catchy song still in your head, the cat got hold of the kitchen roll and now your kitchen looks like snow has fallen in the middle of spring, maybe you pulled your phone out of your pocket and realise you hadn't plugged the charger all the way into the wall like you thought you had the night before. These are few of many situations that can make you want to crawl back into bed and start the day from scratch again. Whatever it is, we have the perfect attitude to face your woes with: don't worry, beach happy. Because no matter what situation you're faced with, there's nothing that a little "me time" at the seaside can't make better. So, get yourself down to the beach and enjoy a perfect day of relaxation, frolicking in the sea, enjoying the feeling of the sand between your toes and the warmth of the sun on your skin. And, so that you can enjoy all of that to the max, here at Mr. Wonderful, we have created this stupendous towel with an adorable crab print and motivational message. Made from 100% cotton, it will allow you to dry off, reserve that sun lounger or catch some rays in both style and comfort.

Size: 90 x 170 cm

Care: Machine wash at maximum temp. 40 ºC. Do not machine dry.