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Beach cooler toucan - Tropical Vibes Collection

Beach cooler toucan - Tropical Vibes Collection
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Let your hair down, cheer up, and get ready to spend this summer in style. It’s time to make plans for the sunshine, from parties with friends around the pool, to enjoying picnics under an umbrella on the beach, or taking spontaneous trips to spend the day in the mountains. Whatever! It’s time to be outdoors. Give your fan a rest. Get out and have a good time, and make yourself happy to the core. Get your supplies ready so that the energy and rhythm of your dance to this summer’s song don't falter and, most importantly, don't forget to bring along more of your favourite drink to enjoy nice and cold.
And just how will you carry all of these “just-in-case” supplies, if not in this very, very cute cooler? Flaunt your style, good vibes, and great parties with this hot item from the limited-edition collection that’s going to be the bomb this summer: give it up for the Tropical Vibes Collection! This cooler has a 9-litre capacity, no less, and can hold up to 4kg. It can also keep its interior temperature between 5 and 15ºC for approximately 4 hours with a 1.3 kg ice pack. The parties this summer are going to get out of hand!"