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Baby care set Beter - Unicorn

Baby care set Beter - Unicorn

Is there an inch of your baby that you haven’t kissed all over? That little smile says that such a thing does not exist! At Mr. Wonderful we love babies and we know how important it is for you to make sure you always offer yours the best. With this care set for babies we want to help you take care of them, so that they are more beautiful every day, from head to toe, and have fun dreams of unicorns. That little person is as cuddly as they are delicate. For this reason, we have designed each element with the most Wonderful style and Beter's professionalism, taking care of every last detail. You not only have the most beautiful baby in your hands, but also the most comfortable kit for you and the safest for your baby. For that little head that is discovering new things every day, brush and comb with soft, rounded bristles. So that they can move those little fingers and toes freely, look at what precious nail clippers, files and scissors are included. As you can see, they have all round edges, so it will be very easy for you to handle them and take care of your little treasure with maximum safety. With these niceties, grooming time is going to be one of the best parts of the day for both of you.

Care set for babies with unicorn print, manufactured by the Beter brand and designed by Mr. Wonderful.
This set contains:
-1 comb
-1 brush
-1 nail clippers
-1 nail file
-1 scissors

Set de cuidados para el bebé Beter - Unicornio
Baby care set Beter - Unicorn