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Baby care set Beter - Star

Baby care set Beter - Star

How many photos do you take of your baby every day? Whoops, they have just increased the number! And we are not surprised that you have become a paparazzi and cannot resist not missing a single second of baby’s growth, because something so adorable deserves thousands of photos. We already know that they are so photogenic that they look good from every angle and we also know that you love the fact they look perfect at all times and that they shine like a real star. It even seems that they have learned to pose and turn any background into a photo shoot! Thinking of him or her and of you, we have combined the most Wonderful design with the years of experience of Beter to create this beautiful care set for babies that will help you take care of your baby. The brush and comb gently caress their head with the rounded bristles. Their hands and feet will look perfect thanks to the nail clippers, file and scissors that are part of the kit and that have rounded edges so that they are very comfortable and safe to handle. You will enjoy the moment of cleaning your baby with the peace of mind of knowing that you have in your hands items designed with lots of TLC... and produced with the highest quality.

Care set for babies with star print, manufactured by the Beter brand and designed by Mr. Wonderful. This set contains:
- 1 comb
- 1 brush
- 1 nail clipper
- 1 nail file
- 1 scissors

Set de cuidados para bebé Beter - Estrella
Baby care set Beter - Star