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Baby care set Beter - Cloud

Baby care set Beter - Cloud

We put a lot of love in everything we do, but when it comes to babies, we give love like there is no tomorrow and our heads go through the roof. And so we have this fantastic care kit for babies. Babies are the most adorable thing in the world, and that is why Mr. Wonderful and Beter have come together to offer you the most complete, practical and safe care set for you and that little person who makes you so happy. We have designed each item thinking of all the details that can facilitate the care of a baby who deserves the best of the best. Every day you will enjoy nothing but precious moments together, full of cuddles and caresses all over their lovely little body. The most important thing about this kit is that, in addition to being a real beauty, all the items have rounded edges, so that you can handle them easily and safely between kisses, which we already know will be infinite. We want your only concern to be hugging them more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Will you be able to beat your own record every day? We don’t have even the slightest doubt!

Care set for babies with cloud print, manufactured by the Beter brand and designed by Mr. Wonderful. This set contains:
- 1 comb
- 1 brush
- 1 nail clipper
- 1 nail file
- 1 scissors

Set de cuidados para el bebé Beter - Nube
Baby care set Beter - Cloud