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Mouse pad - Milkshake

Mouse pad - Milkshake
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Ahh, our adorable little milkshake. This is definitely a Mr. Wonderful character that has brought us innumerable memories and unforgettable experiences. Because we officially declare ourselves fans of its inspiring attitude towards living life: with sweetness, joy and lots of colour, no matter what day of the week it is. Sounds like a good way to go, doesn't it? That's why we will never get tired of featuring our milkshake on products that are not only adorable to look at, but also very practical at the same time. And now it's time for this adorable mouse mat to step into the spotlight and take your breath away. It's not only super cute and will jazz up any office or work space, but it's also really comfortable to use and nice and handy. We know that with this mouse mat on your desk, a good time is guaranteed. No matter what the task you have to do is; whether it's a last-minute report, a super tricky maths exam or even something that has you feeling incredibly inspired, this mouse mat will be there to be your very own personal cheerleader and remind you of just how special you really are, day after day after day! So you know what to do, fill your office or work space with positivity by incorporating this adorable mouse mat into it. And remember, here at Mr. Wonderful, you will find lots more stationery and technology and writing accessories that will make the perfect addition to your lovely little mouse mat.