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Album for baby - Hello world! My first year

Album for baby - Hello world! My first year
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A baby’s first year of life is a wonderful time. From growing in mummy’s tummy to being a little thing that does nothing but eat and sleep. Then, in just a few months, a little man who can almost walk or a princess who says goo-goo ga-ga.

Among all the nappies and bottles, time flies so fast we sometimes barely realise it is passing. So keep your memories and experiences safe in an album you can look through a thousand and one times.

It is specially designed for you to fill with everything that happens in that first year and has 11 different chapters:
- One fine day I arrived and flooded the world with joy.
- When I was in mummy’s tummy.
- Hello world! The day I was born.
- My first weeks.
- My favourite family photos.
- My first smiles. Things that make me laugh.
- My first trips and outings.
- I will never forget the day that...
- The things I like the most.
- Happy family moments.
- My first birthday.

Box contents:
- A 64-page 21.5 X 14 cm album.
- 8 sheets with 77 stickers for you to decorate your album just the way you like.